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We provide tonewoods for the manufacturing of stringed instruments. Tonewood Toneholz France only provides the highest quality of wood available. We have our own wood classification based on the aesthetics of the maple and on the quality of the spruce. The wood is of European origins; the flamed maple wood comes from Bosnia and the spruce comes from the Alps.


Maple classification :


AAA - the most beautiful and perfectly flamed pieces.


AA - very good flamed pieces.


A - good flamed pieces.


Each back is sold with a neck and ribs.


Spruce classification :


AAA - perfectly regular and very tight woodfibre.


AA - slightly irregular and tight woodfibre.



Our woods are quarternsaw, dried and stored in the open air. The year when the wood was cut is written on each piece and filled in before sale

European Spruce for violins tops

Quality : AAA and AA

Flamed Maple for violins backs, necks and ribs


Quality : AAA



              AA 1 pc back

              A 1 pc back

Flamed maple for violas backs, necks and ribs

Quality : AA


Flamed maple for electric guitars and basses tops


Quality : AAA + AA

Dear customer,


The shipping and handling charges indicated on the website only apply to mainland France and the European Union.

For any shipment to North America, Canada, Australia and Asia and any other destination outside the European Union, extra postage will be charged.

We advise you to contact us before ordering, so that we can tell you the actual shipping cost.

We will email you the bill which will be payable via paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, we will create a basket on our website dedicated to your order and payable by blue card.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.